There are two segments to our organization.

Firstly, we help support over 700 children playing soccer by providing them financial assistance for such things as referee fees, field fees, indoor soccer field fees, uniforms and equipment depending on the amount of money in our account.

Our second segment helps intellectually challenged individuals in having exercise and social interactions in playing bocce.

As indicated above, we assist children with the costs of playing soccer, including referee fees, field fields, indoor soccer field fees, uniforms and equipment in order that they may remain active and healthy. By reducing the costs of such expenses, the families are required to pay fewer fees for the children to play soccer.

With respect to the intellectually challenged individuals, we try to have them interact socially with each other and with other persons while at the same time keeping them active and healthy by covering their expenses for playing bocce.

In general, we attempt to keep both the soccer players and the intellectually challenged individuals moving, active and healthy by providing funds to assist in this endeavour.

Recently, all 686 of our soccer players participated in the “Play for a Cure” fundraising and raised over $25,315.00 for that charity.