The Canadian Mental Health Association, Windsor-Essex County Branch (CMHA-WECB) is the lead provider and advocate of community mental health and addiction services. Over 20 specialized programs are available for individuals aged sixteen and up dealing with moderate to severe mental illness. CMHA-WECB is unique in having comprehensive primary care services located onsite as well. The CMHA Health Centre operates under a collaborative care model where our interdisciplinary team of health care professionals take a holistic approach to patient care by addressing both the primary and mental health needs of the population we serve. In addition, the Sole Focus Project was established in 2017 to educate, engage and enlist the community about mental health and addictions awareness and promotion. Education, training and workshops are delivered throughout the community with the goal of creating a mentally healthy community.

The funds raised from our bingo participation are designated for our Client Assistance Fund. These funds allow us to purchase grocery gift cards, bus passes, taxi vouchers, etc. for clients who are experiencing financial need. We are additionally able to support clients with utility bills, unexpected expenses, clothes for a job interview, etc. thereby helping to ease their financial burden and focus on their journey to wellness.

Our partnership and the funds that bingos support are very much appreciated not only by our clients but by our staff who can help their clients with these initiatives.